Friday, August 8, 2014

Spider Girl Make Up Tutorial - Halloween

I couldn't believe how many repins on pinterest I was getting for the Spider Girl Make Up Tutorial I did for my other blog! Honestly, this makes me so happy that people liked that post! So I'll be re-posting it here and I think I should do more of the fun make up posts! Sadly, I'm not that great with make up but I think I can get kind of creative for Halloween since there's no "right" way to do it.. or is there?

If you have any suggestions on what other make up tutorial I should try, leave a comment and let me know. I'll see what I can do!

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Fact: Spider Girl and Spider Woman are two different heroes.

I wanted to go cheap with make up (since we all know how make up is expensive) and I didn't want to just buy Halloween make up, I used what I had. I actually had this make up for last Halloween when I was Poison Ivy.


Let's start!

1. Red Make Up Pencil (I used a red lip liner)
2. Black Eye Liner (This is what I normally use for eyeliner)
3. Regular Make Up
4. Tissue & Makeup Napkin Remover

I was in a rush so I couldn't take as many photos as I want, but I tried my best!
I used my phone to take photos :)


1. I put on my foundation on before I started.

2. Figure out the eye shape with your red pencil.

3. Color in with Red Pencil - if you mess up, don't worry! That's what the make up napkin remover is for. Just wipe and dry!

4. Outline "eye" area with Black Eye Liner.

5. Draw long black lines for the webs. Make them go outward. Thicken edges towards your hair line.  I added the black lines then went back and thicken them.

6. Add your normal make up and eyelashes!

BONUS: I heard if you put on translucent powder the make up will stay on! I didn't buy any so I had to avoid touching my face! But the make up stayed on the whole night! I do advice getting translucent powder and brush it on your face.

Have fun! I had a blast doing this! I think it took about 40 minutes or less, but plan accordingly!

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