Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back to School

I'm pretty excited to use this backpack for the Fall.. Actually, I probably won't really need a backpack since I'm taking a graphic design class and a hands on art class, but I'm sure I'll be lugging around some snacks and my Ipad to keep me company. I got this backpack spontaneously from Forever 21, it's called Laser Cut Faux Leather Backpack. This backpack definitely matches most of my clothes so it was a good pick! I've used it the past weekends as a sleep over bag and surprisingly it can carry a lot!  Faux Leather is technically waterproof but not in the areas where the zippers are, so hopefully this won't be a problem. If anything, I usually wear my backpack under my huge jacket if it rains.

I really love shopping at Forever 21. I know I know, people say the clothes are cheap but style also changes all the time so that's not a problem to me. I've kind of grown up to be more of a quantity person than a quality person for clothes. Don't get me wrong I love quality items, but I guess it just depends for what product. Most of my purses are from Forever 21 and I love them! Now... I think I'm going to need some matching shoes... Oh the horror of being a girl!

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